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Manage your shop and build a frozen yogurt empire in Fro Yo Bar! If it fills you with a warm and fuzzy feeling every time you see your barista turn the foam into a cute heart, then you're going to really enjoy decorati...Start your business with a small cart at the beach and sell hand-made yogurt desserts. Deep fried to perfection then topped with a custom assortment of chocolate sauces, whipped cream or frosting, fruits, candies and all the scoops of ice cream you can handle! Here's a small little recipe that will put a smile on your face this Christmas! Elsa is pregnant and she would love to eat some blueberry ice cream.Surprise your friends with an ice cream in a true American style: the Banana Split Ice Cream, served in its classic form in a long dish called boat.It's good, easy and quick, but also fanciful and...This ambitious businesswoman is ready to start saving money for shopping, so she's decided to open ...When you're in the mood for a sweet snack, there are few things more delicious than freshly baked cookies with a cold glass of milk to chase them down. Today is your birthday, and your mom wants to make tasty snacks for you and your friends to enjoy at your birthday party.

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Eating ice cream on a hot summer day is one of the best ways to beat the heat.

Follow the instructions and stick to the recipe to prepare these sweet snacks in this fun online cooking game for girl...

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