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27-Jun-2019 05:14

Her four kids were grown, she ran a flourishing interior design firm, and she was looking for a man to share her success with.Her date was 55, 6 feet 2, with hard-jawed good looks and a gym-sculpted frame.

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That he happened to worship at her church, Mariners. And he told her that she stopped his heart, she was so beautiful. Her last serious boyfriend had wounded her, in parting, when he said she wasn’t. She thought this was moving a little fast, but she decided to allow it. She brought John back to her penthouse, just up the block. She thought, “It’s just a mattress.” She became uncomfortable. He just didn’t want to leave, and she had to insist.

We created a free podcast starter kit — get it free here: Click Here to Get the Free Podcast Starter Kit (We suggest you open this page in a new window so you can continue browsing around our site while listening! You’ve been riding a nice wave for a minute, only to suddenly find yourself out of momentum, adrift in your work, idling in neutral. But being stuck isn’t a barrier to greatness; it’s part of greatness.

Here are nine things you can do right now to get un-stuck and on your way to greatness.

High black Gucci heels, designer jeans, Chanel bag.

At 59, married and divorced four times, she had begun to worry that she was too old for another chance at love.

She thought they’d find something bad to say about anyone she dated. Debra wasn’t about to tell her kids that John would be moving in with her. At 23, Terra watched and rewatched every episode of “The Walking Dead.” She spoke of the series less as entertainment than as a primer on how to survive apocalyptic calamity.