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The Switzer/Syvecs flex-fuel conversions I’m talking about should be considered “neutral ground” here, because they focus on ethanol, rather than propane, but did you notice that their conversions are almost exclusively featured on 0,000 sportscars?That’s because, as I touched on above, getting conversions right is expensive, and it could be years before a conversion pays for itself.There are sensors, processors, wires, connectors – a bunch of electronics, in other words, and they’re all driven, controlled, and calibrated by software.That software, by the way, is often encrypted by the manufacturers to make it difficult (if not impossible) to change stuff.Some young people convince their parents to "arrange" their marriages to people with whom they have fallen in love. Nayar wrote in the Encyclopedia of Sexuality: “Although the tradition of arranged marriages has a practical value in preserving family traditions and values, it encounters some opposition as young Indian men and women learn of the Western tradition of romance and love. Most Indian men and women attending college outside India are careful not to compromise their prospects back home by letting their family or parents know they have dated a foreigner. Caste, income levels, education and astrology are all taken into consideration. Indians believe mismatched stars can cause a lifetime of trouble.[Source: Library of Congress] The days when arranged marriages involved parents decreeing who would marry whom and then haggling over the dowry are largely gone among the middle class. In much of India, especially in the north, a marriage establishes a structural opposition between the kin groups of the bride and groom--bride-givers and bride-takers.

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but we’re not talking about building an engine that’s optimized for a given fuel. In truth, none of what you’re reading about here is a problem that’s specific to propane – even electric cars are having this problem.We’re talking about converting an existing engine that’s been optimized for gasoline. 1 and 2, then start adding up the cost of the turbos, intercoolers, injectors, etc. You head to the nearest KOA campground that sells propane and suddenly, horrifically realize that it was all for nothing. Tesla’s Supercharger system isn’t compatible with Nissan’s Leaf, and maybe neither of those are compatible with the SAE’s Combo Connector. is an alt-fuel problem of the first order, and one of the biggest obstacles any future fuels will need to overcome.that you’ll need to buy and tune for to optimize the engine you’re trying to convert. In theory, the government will cover 50% of the cost of converting your car or truck to propane.I can already hear the peanut gallery chanting, “That’s why I’m going to convert an older car: fewer computers to mess with!

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” Ill grant you that older, simpler vehicles will be easier to convert, yes, but they’re also older.

Once a couple decided that they wanted to get married they were not allowed to date or meet each other between the engagement and the wedding day.

If you were to read the popular press, you would come to the conclusion that not only was there no evidence, but the evidence actually contradicted known archaeology.… continue reading »

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