Dating fallout 3

19-Jul-2019 12:09

He might got top billing,” Sullivan said of the prospect, which could lead to bean-counting the work done on the film and by whom.

According to numerous reports, production stopped in May with about a month left of planned shooting.But hiring a name director — if they can find one willing to step into the inevitable PR storm — carries its own set of problems.“If they get someone that big, this could become a Ron Howard Film [title card].“Whatever difficulties [the studio] is going to encounter in doing this, there must have been concerns about the commercial success of the project if they don’t take any action,” the individual said, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

Specific tensions between the directors and Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy became prohibitive in late May, The Wrap reported, and climaxed on Tuesday with the sudden announcement of a “directorial change.” DGA rules state that when Lucasfilm showed Lord and Miller the door, they had to pay any remaining balance on their salaries (whether they finished all or part of the film).It’s hard to think who might even want to take on a potential PR nightmare, especially following a similar outcome for "Rogue One." Click through to see who is willing and potentially able to fill their shoes…

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