Dating for depressed people

17-May-2019 05:59

It is not an act of fear, cowardliness, or ignorance.I believe that one of the biggest assumptions of someone dealing with a bout of depression is that they want to be left alone.Consider your loved ones and friends that are experiencing depression as a needing you and your presence more than ever.

If we use the example of Jesus, He was always with people.

According to the World Health Organization, there are more than 350 million people all over the world with depression.

With that staggering statistic, it is highly probable that we will all interact at some point with someone experiencing a bout with depression.

Depression can make someone feel as if they’re a burden to the world, especially to those around them.

They are not seeking attention, nor want any coddling or rose-colored glasses handed to them.To take it further, Jesus chose to spend time with trusted associates and not be alone too often.

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