Dating guide for shy guys

24-Jun-2019 01:38

One of the most important dating tips for shy guys; getting socially warmed up: Let’s say you got yourself a date for tonight or you’re going out with your buddies to meet girls tonight.To get yourself socially warmed up you need to begin forcing your social side out, this happens when you force yourself to get social.However, being an introvert does not mean that you have to be shy and awkward.Being a socially smart introvert just means that you have to work a bit more to put yourself in this social mood.

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This is normal, as introverts this is kind of our natural state.We’ve all seen that guy that guy that even though he is comfortable around girls; he becomes their girl-friend, emotional tampon or just a clown.Yes, I know I just told you to get some platonic female friends; however, you also need to practice being the guy that GETS the girls around them.These 6 dating tips for shy guys come from my experience in the area and going from being the shy-and-completely-frozen guy around girls to a completely cool, relaxed and personality-attractive guy.

It’s all about learning the correct skills, getting in the right path and working for it.

It all begins by giving yourself permission to be congruent to what you feel, telling others and especially YOURSELF that you don’t have to apologize for your desires.