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Although misleading vividness does little to support an argument logically, it can have a very strong psychological effect because of a cognitive heuristic called the availability heuristic. It broke his leg, and he fell over, giving himself a concussion.

He was in hospital for a week and still walks with a limp. "Person B: "My uncle drove his old car way too fast, the car rolled 5 times in a field, he fell out of the side window and miraculously had no injuries.

Long before I got my skeptismo on in late 2006, I wasted time as a relativist on a number of topics before getting out of that nonsense, but I’m a non-relativist, not an absolutist — Non-relativists and Relativists are complements, not polar opposites.

Non-relativists = Everything else in the universe other than relativists, of which absolutists are a mere puny fraction. I used to do a lot more gaming than I do now, especially science fiction RPGs, like Traveller, originally published by a now defunct company called Game Designers Workshop, and at the time, I would sometimes silently object, sometimes not so silently, about what I naively saw as the unfair and unrealistic stereotyping of the aliens in the games as having certain psychological inclinations, when my view, as limited as it was then, did not see the important distinctions between the factors involved in the psychologies of individuals of a species, and those of entire intelligent alien species’ mindset.

Of course aliens will likely have to us distinctive psychologies, distinctive to us, and on the basis of scarce data, easy to stereotype for that very reason.

Ironically, my rather futile objection to the perceived speciesist stereotyping was derived from just that: scarce data, and the very same logical fallacy stereotyping itself is based on — The Hasty Generalization, often confused with the Fallacy of Composition — the drawing of a faulty generalization on the basis of an insufficient amount of evidence, in this case, not enough published alien source material for the games featuring them with more in-depth information on the aliens’ evolutionary history and thus the reasons for them having certain inclinations, and greater detail and nuances on those inclinations.

In his History of the American Civil War, Jeffry Noland argues that the war had little to do with slavery. Rhodes is suffering from amnesia and has no recollection whatever of the events of the past two weeks.

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But force is a physical quantity, governed by the laws of physics.Humanitarian groups have argued in favor of housing for the poor.

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