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16-Mar-2019 21:03

It seems that it takes a lot for Irish people to find something offensive.

The rest of the characters were enjoyable to watch.

At times during this movie I had to turn away so no one would see me smiling at the few racist comments, slurs and generalizations.

But I wasn't surprised to see behind me, no else in the cinema was holding back the laughter.

Lui encore qui donnera de sa personne pour que Galway, sa ville du Connemara, accueille l’arrivée de la Volvo Ocean Race.

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Car ce personnage haut en couleurs est à lui seul une allégorie du fighting spirit et de l’esprit d’aventure Irlandais.

They are a close representation of who you should expect to meet if you spend enough time in Ireland and will get you into some memorable 'situations'.