Dating is a number game

04-Jun-2019 00:22

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If you love that your buddies make you laugh and allow you to be yourself, that your parents inspire you to do your best, that your grandma knows when you need cookies and a hug vs.

a treatise on this or that, and that you’ve never forgotten your first actual girlfriend because gazing at her got you through algebra, then you just sketched out someone who would fit you.

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Or am I just being an entitled moron with an inflated ego?If you approach even more women, you will find more to sleep with you. This is what lots of people think about pickup artistry, that it’s a path leading to infinite infidelity and sex addiction. The best players are the ones that shut off a little bit of their empathy. For quite some time I had to actually stop myself from hitting on every woman I met. Some of them are still highly addicted to picking up new women. In theory you could keep approaching women and build yourself a harem, should you so desire such drama. It’s a game with very basic rules: My counter argument is this. Yes….pickup is a numbers game but it is more than that. Go out and pick up some girls, fuck them silly, date them…dump them…whatever. You meet friends through shared classes, teams, work or even a shared backyard fence, right?

So pick the hobbies and hangouts and community groups that best represent who you are, and make yours a regular presence there.

If your natural habitat isn’t conducive to meeting women, then adjust your habitat so that it’s still right for you but allows for more circulation.