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21-Mar-2019 00:19

The UK can borrow money at a lower rate than Ireland, so use it and rebuild!

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this is a difficult and painful topic, especially if you are an irish editor - WP: RS, WP: NPOV, and WP: V become especially important in articles like this.

It's in a severe economic recession though --Kevinharte (talk) , 7 December 2009 (UTC) See Economic depression; one definition of depression is 10% reduction in GDP,so by that token it was a depression.

John a s (talk) , 28 August 2012 (UTC) Isn't the figure of 5,000 missing a word or two?

I feel that the UK would have still 'chipped-in' even if Europe hadn't, even if it appeared as a sound, prudent 'loan' from which the UK will benefit in the long term in the sense of 'returns on bonds'.

It showed that somebody at least has long-term 'faith' in Ireland's ability to service the interest, which has not gone un-noticed on bond markets.

It's been a very long time since all the big red bits on the map vanished; we don't 'mourn' it, and most young Brits are probably barely aware of what 'The Commonwealth' (wealth? As an Englishman, I would rather not mention the Channel Tunnel, Millennium Dome etc.

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