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Find thousands of fun-loving and flirty singles to flirt with.Paul Schnitt, press secretary to Askew, said it would also allow the city or county to overspend its budget to pay overtime to personnel. Aiiiyni Westmoreland spoke to about 200 • ople in the Union Courtyard yesterday. Cobol Programmer Part time, var ied work schedule, excellent advance- ment possibility. Part time maintenance man for an apartment complex. UFF will picket regents here tfkaward Mbin A statewide faculty union announced yesterday its members will begin picketing all Board of Regents (BOR) proceedings in an effort to bring the regents back to the contract bargaining Ub Ies. Roommate male or female spg qtr to share 2 bdrm tir 82.50 Vj gas. If the administration is going to inustigate, which is their prerogative, I vaot more investigations/' said student government (SG) President Neal Friedman, who also addressed the gathering. completely turn 5 a month (mcl cable TV & Garbage) uti. This eight percent boost was recommended to the bargaining parties in early February by special master Joan Weitzman, an associate professor at Rutgers University. Nonsntoking female rmmt to share 2 bedrm apt spring qtr. "Before the rich people and the government sent us to Vietnam to fight their war for money, they told us there would be adequate medical care and education tor us when we came home,** Mc Ciniiikk said.

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The union has since asked the Board of Regents to resume bargaining sessions using the special master's report as the basis for Aiture negotiations. **We have not received any of these things.** "I feel that Westmoreland represents the rich and powerful pe . Doterman pups, champion sired, male or female, black & rust, 6 wks. KING SIZE MATTRESS EXCELLENT CONDITION S40 CALL 57S-92M.

He said he figured the cost over a four-year period FSU issues 200 a day, but half an never paid was only 50 cents a day, not a bad price for parking wherever he pleaded," Denham said. as well as the rest of Tallahassee, will have to wait for approximately 130 absentee ballots to be counted before the winner of yesterday's race for city commissioner is known. 2& IF YOU HAVE i NFORAAATl ON ABOUT IT Pil CALL THE FLAMMi AU Ptxrrvd: Sm M, VMig Wacti _ - a : Hson Btuf* rv^ar C^»j Fiotoert A Kj- heckteok. LARGE BLACK AND WHITE I LBS RIGHT OUT OF LM BASCi . in Florida to sell the treated ,eir to children i4nilfl TY presi nd IPC representa- will meet this m It in the deat's Conference lof Westoott Bnildmg. EINMENT Asiodatk Mi wffl [this afternoon at MBe Oamy. - IBENEn T for muscular win be held 't UKl tomorrow night « Tommy's. "^'y cloudy and warm *itb a chance of ^ Skies wi U become cloudy Uter this and thunder *i D become likely r";onaw. FSU students Charles Mc Cormick, Jeff Rooney and James Lohman all could face expulsion from the university if found guilty of disrupting Gen. Generally, there is some small potential in this work, but, perhaps Chaucer's publishers should have shelved this flawed wock and waited on his next effort. excellant condition, many new parts, 4100 milas, original S4oe weekanda and avanlngi, 386 9277.