Dating someone with depression yahoo ecuadordating

17-Aug-2019 09:27

In popular culture, people may say someone is “bipolar” if s/he demonstrates any sort of mood swings, but the diagnostic criteria for bipolar disorder is far more rigorous.There are actually several types of bipolar disorder.

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Your mind may try to convince you that this incident you’re so mad about must be sorted out immediately. Because if you are, there’s a good chance you’re reading the situation incorrectly. At the end of the evening, one friend took me aside and said, “Wow, Greg is being so critical tonight.” Which seemed strange to me, since . So how do you honor yourself when you’re depressed and give yourself the love and kindness you need without blowing up an otherwise loving relationship?And this isn’t specific to me; this is what depression is, a lack of feeling.When you’re depressed, you can’t access feelings of self-love.See if you can step back and think, “Ah, look at what I’m thinking now.” Watch out for assumptions your mind is making. Did they actually say that, or are you drawing conclusions yourself?

Chances are, you’re just seeing a reflection of your own thoughts.

Your mind’s always telling you things that aren’t true, and this applies even more so when you’re depressed.

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