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Somerset contains HM Prison Shepton Mallet, which was England's oldest prison still in use prior to its closure in 2013, having opened in 1610.The Industrial Revolution in the Midlands and Northern England spelled the end for most of Somerset's cottage industries.War memorials were put up in most of the county's towns and villages; only nine, described as the Thankful Villages, had none of their residents killed.During the Second World War the county was a base for troops preparing for the D-Day landings.Some of the hospitals which were built for the casualties of the war remain in use.The Taunton Stop Line was set up to repel a potential German invasion.The British held back Saxon advance into the south-west for some time longer, but by the early eighth century King Ine of Wessex had pushed the boundaries of the West Saxon kingdom far enough west to include Somerset.

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The Somerset Levels—specifically dry points at Glastonbury and Brent Knoll— also have a long history of settlement, and are known to have been settled by Mesolithic hunters.

On the authority of the future emperor Vespasian, as part of the ongoing expansion of the Roman presence in Britain, the Second Legion Augusta invaded Somerset from the south-east in AD 47.