Dating subdural hematoma

30-Jul-2019 07:02

This study was conducted for dating the early subdural haemorrhage by routine histopathological stains.

A prospective analytical study was conducted during July 2009 to December 2010.

A subdural hematoma is more common in older adults because of normal brain shrinkage that occurs with aging.

This shrinkage stretches and weakens the bridging veins.

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Large hematomas or solid blood clots may need to be removed through a larger opening in the skull (craniotomy).

Hematomas that do not cause symptoms may not require treatment.

In the neonate, infant, or young child who has suffered from non-accidental injury, abusive head trauma (AHT) is acknowledged as the most common cause of fatality and long term morbidity with approximately 1,500 fatalities and 18,000 seriously disabled infants and children annually in the USA.

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Unfortunately, most authors agree that these statistics represent an underestimation of this national health problem.

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