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12-Apr-2019 04:34

In this chart, you can see the expected or average CTR curve in orange, but I’ve also added the green and purple curves, to show you what you should aim for if you want to achieve CTRs two to three times the average.We can see from this data that there are, indeed, a few stand-out accounts who are killing it and outpacing their competitors by far.This is calculated by multiplying the maximum cost per click bid (the most you’re willing to pay for a click) by your Quality Score (Google’s rating of the quality of your ads).

They are not inherently better than you are; they simply work harder and optimize better.

If you want to be in the Top 15% in the very competitive Google Ad Words landscape, you would have to achieve an average CTR across your account two times higher than the average (we call these Awesome Advertisers).

Three times the average CTR makes you a Super Awesome Advertiser, which about 1 in 20 advertisers accomplish.

There are blog posts, articles and podcasts about CTRs littering the web, but no one really likes to give a direct answer to, “What is a good CTR?

” Much depends on your industry, competition and goals.

What we do know is that whether or not your CTRs are “good” largely depends on your ad position.