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According to Patrick Carr, a Wildlife Biologist at the Division, black bears in New Jersey breed at roughly two to three years of age as compared to places such as Montana where the bears are five and six years before they breed.This is due to the optimal food sources here in New Jersey. Bears that associate food with people may become aggressive and dangerous. If you are at close range, remain standing, avoid direct eye contact. Yell, bang pots, or use an airhorn to scare the bear away.Females range from 200 to 300 pounds and males are 350 to as much as 600 pounds depending on age, availability of food and time of the year.

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Using current information on birth, death and survival rates on the tagged bears, it is estimated their numbers will continue to rise.And they will help themselves to seeds in a bird feeder or a squirrel's stash of nuts if they sniff it out.The bears need to add fat to get through their winter denning period.Black bears generally live about 10 years, though a few may survive twice that period.

The most important known mortality factor for the black bear is vehicle kills.Luckily, they are much better than the brown bear at coexisting with humans. The black bear population in the Skylands region has risen to 50 times what is was two decades ago.