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What's its availability; in production, limited edition or discontinued? SKU Number: 873824001061 (Tester) Batch Number: 4HA2 (Production Date: Unknown) Age: 25 From: Hookup Size: 125 ML Scent: 3.75/5 (Nice.Vintage is the right name for this frag). Leather, fir, cinnamon and patchouli - what a fantastic combo. Anyway not a bigge, onwards to bigger and better smells. It's one of my go to scents and I'm always pleased with it. This is another one that will remain in my collection for years to come. It has a lot of the players in a powerhouse 70s scent - oakmoss, patchouli, fir, tobacco, suede, etc. Heck, I wore the original Polo in the 9th grade and this has that same vibe to it (though a little smoother), especially in the drydown. Lucky I bought the 75ml bottle, I'll just chuck this one, oh well got to blind buy these cheaper fragrances & some times I win & some i lose. It does feel like a modern interpretation of a classic type scent. I used six sprays..wrist, back & front of my neck, chest and front of my shirt. A more mature crowd, 30 and up I'd say will enjoy this most. I picture someone using this..jeans and tee...maybe sitting back on the couch, relaxing. I love to wear this dressed up because it is class personified.

Here begins the green theme that dominates the dry down. As the cologne begins to dry on your skin it morphs into herbal patchouli leaves and green moss of oak.

Top notes are wormwood, basil, rhubarb, quince, fennel and pepper; middle notes are juniper berries, lavender, cinnamon, jasmine, orris root and green leaves; base notes are tonka bean, tobacco, suede, patchouli, oakmoss, balsam fir and woody notes. I don't detect most of the notes listed in the pyramid above, certainly not tobacco or suede. To describe this scent I'd say it's a nice blend of suede and leather giving this a dark feel but I also really get the lavender giving this some freshness but also a nice barbershop type of feel and what you get from the opening is pretty much what you get for the duration of the fragrance.

Although it's not listed, I smell a lot of cedar, maybe eucalyptus, and definitely the juniper element that gives it a kind of gin-and-tonic flavor. Like i can smell it though my stuffy nose and i spray this over an hour ago. A lot of people have said they get performance issues but on my skin this performs very well.

Again this can be found discounted and it is a STEAL.

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I expect this more from late 80's & early 90's power house fragrance. I came home one day and my wife said to me "what is that cologne you left on the counter? She loves it, so do i, and you may very well love it too. The entire line just has this grown-up, big boy quality that suits me perfectly. But that's just my opinion, there's loads of people on here who love it.