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Colin Palmer, founder of the Windcluster company, which owns part of the Haverigg wind farm, said he was horrified that such a plan could be considered at a time when Britain risks missing its green energy targets and after reassurance from ministers that nuclear and renewables were not incompatible.Creating a genuine and effective Carbon price differential will be awkward, perhaps impossible.With no action agreed by the recent G20 meeting, there is still no sign that we are even beginning to control emissions, let alone reduce them by the target of at least 50% by 2050, widely regarded as the minimum necessary to avoid that.As the Global Climate Coalition has always known, fake controversy makes better copy than the boring scientific consensus There are three kinds of climate change denier.• Threatened site is one of the most efficient • Proposed atomic plant backed by government One of the oldest and most efficient wind farms in Britain is to be dismantled and replaced by a nuclear power station under plans drawn up by the German-owned power group RWE.The site at Kirksanton in Cumbria - home to the Haverigg turbines - has just been approved by the government for potential atomic newbuild in a move that has infuriated the wind power industry.There are those who simply don't want to accept the evidence, because it is too much to bear, or because it threatens aspects of their lives that they don't want to change.

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The European carbon trading system is a 'failure' and will not help the UK to meet its emission reduction targets, electricity generator EDF warns a committee of UK MPs The EU carbon trading system has failed and will not help meet government targets on decarbonising the power sector, energy operators told MPs yesterday.

In addition, says the report released today at a Norwegian government seminar, plants and trees are growing more vigorously, snow cover is decreasing 1-2% a year and glaciers are shrinking.