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Even when it first aired, it was considered a fairly generic family sitcom with little bite.

To the surprise of just about everyone, the show became a cultural icon.

The "Phantom of the Muppet Theater", Uncle Deadly is some sort of refined, British dragon-ghost-thing known for performing Shakespeare.

He was murdered by the critics and spent his time afterwards scaring the theater's crew just for fun.

It was a mixture of being a show for kids when that was increasingly less common on Network TV, provided the most truly family-friendly fare you could get on TV (when parents were most likely looking for that sort of thing) and the superstardom of the Olsen twins.

The Twins became famous for playing the cute baby character Michelle, and started popping of catchphrases left and right — The "Little baby/toddler says cute things" power , and pandering to the audience with cuteness nearly always works, especially with moms and little kids.

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Hopelessly corny, porkpie hat-wearing showman and a magnet for tomatoes.

Originally a failed comedian working out of the El Sleazo Cafe, he is the first to join Kermit's troupe. The in-universe Rowlf is a bluesy musician whom Kermit discovers in a piano bar.

One of four soldiers to earn the Victoria Cross in the Battle of Vimy Ridge, one of two to survive the battle and the only to survive the war, (the others were Ellis Wellwood Sifton, William Johnstone Milne and John George Pattison), Mac Dowell was 26 years old, and a captain in the 38th (Ottawa) Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force during the First World War when he was awarded the Victoria Cross.… continue reading »

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