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Lots of warnings are given out over the radio or on television, which is something they are cut off from.There is no programme designed specifically for the deaf.If you’d like to watch the whole documentary, it can be viewed here on Attitude Until he began attending a school for deaf children in Lusaka, Zambia, he had limited ways of communicating and few opportunities to learn about sex.The school has a department for deaf children and young people, and when 127 students who attend it were tested for HIV, 48 were found to be positive.Miti said: "Many of these young people have completely missed out on the conventional messages about safe sex.There weren't any HIV programmes where deaf young people could go to learn.

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Students take it in turns to give their opinions about the words, which they are learning for the first time, before Chileshe explains step by step what they mean.

There are an estimated 16,000 people in Zambia with hearing disabilities.

Because many of the young people in this group begin their education late, they are often older than other high school students and are, therefore, more likely to be sexually active.

However, though the Safe Love clubs started in 2011, classes for the deaf were launched only two months ago.

Ben Miti, executive director of the Latkings Outreach programme, one of the partners of the initiative, said the decision was made to set up a club at Munali high school, Lusaka, after health workers discovered high levels of HIV among deaf young people there.

Matt Mason, showed this through multiple lines of enquiry including the failure of the frogs to respond behaviourally to call playback and the lack of auditory brainstem response to the call frequencies. Mason included making 3D reconstructions of the inner ears of these tiny frogs to demonstrate that the basilar papilla, the organ of the inner ear used to process high-frequency sound, is undeveloped.

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