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She had flowing black hair that came down around her 30c small and nubile breasts that were obvious in the red tight Thai-style dress she was wearing with ornate gold patterns.

It went around her neck, coming down to cling against her small tits at the top and the bottom came down just above the mid-point of her supple thighs. " "Well I was the one who set the programme up, Happy Anniversary darling." 26 yr old Beverly Crusher stood up.

She certainly noticed Jean-Luc's eyes drawn to them, albeit briefly, and she knew her 18 year old son next door would gladly put off his studies for a quick look. How could she get the Captain to just give in and fuck her?

Did she still feel guilty about her feelings for her dead-husband's friend?

Beverly and Jack kissed more and more passionately, and the last patrons left the attractive holographic bar person came over to them.Prârthâ's fingers trailed down Beverly's body and over her naked breast, standing proud for her.