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In school year 2005-2006, Gold Rush Charter School came under the umbrella of the Summerville Union High School District as the district became the Charter School's authorizer.

In 2007 Gold Rush Charter School opened the Country School, a class-based K-8 program, which relocated to the Sullivan Creek site in 2010.

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Disneyland Grad Night Senior Trip 2018 DATE: May 23, 2018 Click here for flyer 8th Grade Graduation 2018 DATE: May 31, 2018 LOCATION: Country School Campus - 16331 Hidden Valley Road, Sonora High School Graduation 2018 DATE: June 1, 2018 LOCATION: Mother Lode Fairground - John Muir Building The mission of Gold Rush Charter School is to provide a safe, nurturing environment of a public, student-centered education where K-12 students feel emotionally and academically connected in a tuition-free, standards-based education in homeschool, independent study, or optional class settings in Tuolumne and adjacent counties.

As the school grew, site-based classes were offered, giving parents an alternative to 100% independent study.

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