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The thrust of this article is to highlight UTC, how to use it in your data-driven applications for auto-generated timestamp-like date/time values, and its advantages in that arena.Other challenges of date/time values include displaying dates relative to one's time zone and daylight savings.California has a UTC offset of -8 and is in daylight savings time.

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After many months of phenomenal growth, you decide to switch to a larger web hosting company, one on the east coast where the time zone is UTC -5.

Since the date/time is stored in server time, Bob's previous order still shows that it was made on August 1 2007 at AM.

For example, if I know a user's time zone offset is UTC -4 and I am storing date/time values in UTC, then I can simply subtract four hours to get the correct non-daylight savings time. NET Framework and Microsoft SQL Server provide functions to return the current time in UTC. NET Framework, use the ' VB Dim current Server Time As Date Time = Date Time. To Local Time() current Server Time = CType(Eval("Date Created"), Date Time).

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If I am using server time, then I have to determine the difference between my server time and the users time zone and determine whether the server time is in daylight savings time and if the user's time zone is observing daylight savings time. To Local Time() // C# Date Time current Server Time = Date Time. To Local Time(); current Server Time = ((Date Time) Eval("Date Created")).If you use SQL Server's built-in property to determine the current time, then you are using server time and saving the date and time respective to the web or database server's time zone settings.

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