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"That's a sign of knowing somebody and connecting with somebody," he said. If I don't know who I am — this sounds like a bad therapy session — but I don't pretend to know anybody else.

Somewhere in the middle of the craziness, driven by confusion and frustration, Lisa came to see me for help.

But despite being in therapy, it still took several more cycles before she took charge of the situation and ended things for good.

“Love Bombing” The first people to use the term “love bombing” weren’t psychiatrists: they were members of the Unification Church of the United States (sometimes known as “Moonies”).

In the 1970s, their founder and leader Sun Myung Moon said: “Unification Church members are smiling all of the time, even at four in the morning. When you go out witnessing, you can caress the wall and say that it can expect you to witness well and be smiling when you return.

He started screaming, “You don’t deserve me," and stormed out. How could this loving man, who had been attentive, caring, thoughtful, and considerate in so many ways, suddenly get so angry over something so trivial?