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25-May-2019 14:47

However, as mentioned above, it is more about the dog than the breed, so the most important factor to take into consideration is your own lifestyle, wants and needs, as well as preferences when you pick a dog.

You cannot choose a dog based on only one preference or lifestyle habit.

This perspective is about individual needs and lifestyle more than stereotypes.

These are just suggestions of certain breeds for a particular type of person currently living the life of singlehood and looking to partner up with a fellow human: The Active & Outdoor Person: If you enjoy being outdoors most of the time, and you enjoy running, boating, hiking, and sports, it is always nice to have a fluffy companion with you if friends and loved ones aren't available.

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Even a man who loved animals as much as she did couldn't keep up with her dog's quirks.Well, the bad news is that found that 28% of single men aren't crazy about a woman with a purse-sized dog; well, the other 72% clearly do!The good news is that we are looking at things from a sighlty different perspective.In saying that, certain characteristics of breeds can be traced in individual dogs of that type. Read, ask professionals, consult the 100,000 members of Reddit's /r/dogs (a tight-knit community who also helped us in writing this article), and go with your gut!

What works for one person, might be a no-no for someone else.

However, some people prefer puppies or purebreds and these are easier to get from a breeder. You HAVE TO make sure that you get your dog from a reputable breeder to avoid any legal and moral issues, as well as medical issues with the dog.