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Some dolphin species, he said, had brains up to 40 per cent larger than humans’.As well as being our “cognitive equal”, Lilly speculated they were capable of a form of telepathy that was the key to understanding extraterrestrial communication.But Dolphin Point Laboratory on the island of St Thomas was part of a unique Washington-funded research institute run by Dr John C Lilly, the wackiest and most polarising figure in marine science history.A medic and neurologist by training, a mystic by inclination, he was intent on furthering his investigations into the communication skills of dolphins, who he believed could help us talk to extraterrestrials.(You can also take the official quiz at ) Plus, find Dr.Breus's advice on what tweaks you can make to your schedule based on your chronotype, to maximize your sleep )1. Real dolphins sleep with only half of their brain at a time (which is why they're called unihemispheric sleepers). A plate of pasta is likely to put lions to sleep (they've been up for so long already), as it will elevate the "comfort hormone" serotonin, says Dr. Instead, eat a protein-heavy evening meal so you can stay alert, energized and sociable. You're probably going to be groggy, as mornings aren't a wolf's best friend.

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He also proposed that they could be trained to serve the Navy as a “glorified seeing-eye” (a theory that became the basis of the 1973 sci-fi thriller Day of the Dolphin, despite Lilly’s best attempts to halt production).This name fits morning-oriented, driven optimists with a medium sleep drive.3. Real bears are go-with-the-flow ramblers, good sleepers and anytime hunters. This name fits night-oriented creative extroverts with a medium sleep drive. a wolf can send emails, make phone calls or present to a boss, says Dr. Though you may be wired around 11 and ready to send a bunch of emails or watch a few shows, use the last hour before bed (wolves should go to bed at midnight, Dr.