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09-Apr-2019 16:42

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Sadly I hit it off with both of them big-time at the beginning and they were both hot but turned out to be psycho.

Girl #1: Beautiful face, auburn hair, green eyes, killer tight body.

To understand how to be attractive to women, you have to understand how attraction [Read More] It’s commonly said that if you like someone you should put off having sex with them until you build a non-sexual foundation together, but is this good advice?

For some people, it’s great advice – but it’s not great [Read More] Get procrastination under control.

There’s a big difference though between fighting and arguing, and it’s important to both know the difference and know how to communicate effectively.

[Read More] If you’ve ever felt anxious about running out of things to say on your first date, or having a bunch of awkward silences, you’re not alone.

This will go away after a little bit of ice breaking, but it is almost starting over fresh in a way, another reason NOT to get too serious before you meet. Also, make it a rule of thumb to meet any girl online within a month of talking to her - any more just drags out the inevitable and the magic is lost. Everyone and their dog has a webcam now, and the things are so easy to setup you have to be a real idiot not to figure it out. Let me tell you a quick story: I was mucking around on MSN one afternoon when I got home from school.I thought it would blow over but when she was ripping me even worse two days later, I told her that a 28-yr old woman should not have her mother running her dating life and it's time for me to go. The most recent girl I met was probably a 6 and had major insecurities. They would state that they are "slightly curved." What a bunch of bull****! Alright, now that I'm done delivering my tantrum, I agree with Swat that we should look at the online dating as a pool of potential phone numbers. When they asked for a pic he would refrain at first..when the insisted..would finally "give in" and send them a pic of some model. And what Swat said about your intial meeting was right on the money. Even though you've talked through the net and phone you've never actually met. Just make sure you realize what type of girl she is beforehand. It used to be hard as hell for me to meet a girl from online. This girl might have been part italian,latina,hawaiin and whatever she was claimin,but i knew there was somethin different with her and her mom.That would really get them asking all kinds of stuff..act like major AFCs. And talking with someone is much differnt than being on the net. It will put you both at ease and the next thing you know, you'll have a great time. I've found that if the girl looks like a slut in her pictures, she probably is. Play your cards right and you'll have sex with her on the 1st date, 2nd at latest. Cause you'll probably get burned if you're looking for a LTR with a girl like that. Her mom wasn't Half hawaiin,she looked like she was from east africa.If you’re reading this, chances are your procrastination is more than just an inconvenience.

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Like no matter how much you do, there will always be a big to do list of chores, assignments, work, and responsibilities? In fact, it’s a necessary part of a healthy relationship.

Separate yourself from [Read More] You don’t need money to be attractive to women. You don’t need to have a magazine worthy body either.