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27-Mar-2019 16:20

He fumbled away that game inside his own 20-yard line on the play after Beckham's leg shattered.A veteran quarterback, a two-time Super Bowl winner, isn't supposed to fumble deep in his own territory while leading and with four minutes remaining when he sees the pass-rusher coming. The suspension: This is the point when it truly started to unravel.Once was against what was considered the greatest regular-season team of all time (the 2007 New England Patriots), another was against the undefeated Denver Broncos in 1998.The other two were during awful Giants seasons in 1980 (4-12) and 1978 (6-10). They could, in fact, make a run at the worst season in franchise history, as they face a difficult schedule the rest of the way.Double dates mean double the excitement, fun and romance. Tag Team On Game Night Game night was made for double dating couples! Instead, zip around town in a quadracycle — a four-wheeled bicycle for two or more people (in other words, it's perfect for two couples).

It's hard to win games when the offense can't consistently put points on the board.He then committed back-to-back penalties in the final minute of a tie game in Week 3.That allowed the Eagles to get the ball back in the final seconds. At that point it became obvious this season was headed for disaster.The '74 Giants went 2-12; 2-14 is not out of the question for the '17 Giants."Right now everybody is on different pages it feels like," running back Shane Vereen said after Sunday's 31-21 loss to the San Francisco 49ers. They average almost 50 yards and 10 points less than the Chiefs. On paper it is one of the biggest mismatches in years for the once-proud franchise.

That's what the Giants get to face on Sunday with their defense in shambles.

That way, you can all laugh your way through it and having plenty to talk about on your next double date together.