Economics dating craigslist

11-Jun-2019 06:09

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If you try to build a third-party application designed to make craigslist work better, the management will almost certainly throw up technical roadblocks to shut you down.

Craigslist is not only gigantic in scale and totally resistant to business cooperation, it is also mostly free.

Rose is usually kind to his guests, but the scent of unacknowledged wealth brought out his ferocity."Oh, same thing from my point of view," Newmark said, trying to move the topic along."I know it doesn't matter," Rose repeated, his face a mask of pain.

Newmark's claim of almost total disinterest in wealth dovetails with the way craigslist does business.

Should craigslist ever be sold, the price likely would run into the billions. When anybody reminds him of this, the craigslist founder says there is nothing he would care to do with that much money, should it ever come into his hands.

He already has a parking space, a hummingbird feeder, a small home with a view, and a shower with strong water pressure. Frustration over these sorts of replies sometimes becomes comical.

*Photo: PLATON * The Internet's great promise is to make the world's information universally accessible and useful.

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Ordinarily, a company that showed such complete disdain for the normal rules of business would be vulnerable to competition, but craigslist has no serious rivals. But seen from another angle, craigslist is one of the strangest monopolies in history, where customers are locked in by fees set at zero and where the ambiance of neglect is not a way to extract more profit but the expression of a worldview. "People are good and trustworthy and generally just concerned with getting through the day," Newmark says.

In a design straight from the earliest days of the Web, miscellaneous posts compete for attention on page after page of blue links, undifferentiated by tags or ratings or even usernames. It isn't worth trying to compare its traffic to competitors', because at this scale there are no competitors.

Millions of people apparently believe that love awaits here, but it is well hidden. Odd perhaps, but no odder than what you see at the most popular job-search site: another wasteland of hypertext links, one line after another, without recommendations or networking features or even protection against duplicate postings. Each of these sites, of course, is merely one of the many sections of craigslist, which dominates the market in facilitating face-to-face transactions, whether people are connecting to buy and sell, give something away, rent an apartment, or have some sex.

He seems to have discovered a new way to run a business.

He suspects that it may be the right way to run the world."Dig, dig."Though the company is privately held and does not respond to questions about its finances, it is evident that craigslist earns stupendous amounts of cash.

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