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The secret papers painted an astonishing portrait of a man who was disaffected with his position, disloyal to his family and unpatriotic towards his country.During this Iberian sojourn, many of Edward’s unguarded utterances were secretly recorded by German diplomats and pro-Fascist Spanish aristocrats who sent the material in minute detail to Berlin, where Hitler and his right-hand man, foreign minister Joachim von Ribbentrop, pored over the Royal runes.He was also a man who fully approved of Hitler and his spurious plans for peace.Worryingly, they chimed with Washington’s intelligence. American ambassadors to Spain and Portugal who met the couple at this time were so alarmed that they sent messages to Washington reporting that the couple were ‘indiscreet and outspoken against the British government’.As she was believed to be ‘in the pocket of Ribbentrop’, this was a matter of grave concern.All the while Hitler was observing developments from afar, sitting in his private cinema watching newsreels of the new young King, Edward VIII, and his American mistress.

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edward and selena dating-78

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The Prince of Wales’s cousin, the well-informed Duke of Württemberg stoked the rumour mill, stating that the bouquets of 17 carnations (some say they were roses) represented the number of occasions Wallis and Von Ribbentrop had slept together.

For all his scrutiny of the youthful and glamorous new King, Hitler badly misjudged his quarry.