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In May 1779 the Virginia Legislature placed a time limit of 12 months on receiving land based on service. Field officers 5,000 acres, captain 3,000 acres staff officer 2,000 a , 1990) Research has suggested that Jacob Funk who immigrated to the Lancaster County area of Pennsylvania where most of the settlers were Swiss and German, then migrated to the Shenandoah Valley in present-day Virginia, was perhaps a name derivative for French.

No connection can be found showing that these two families were one and the same.

It was therefore not surprising that when settlers headed west, this region was the first claimed by land speculators and early settlers looking for good farming land.

Some of the early land speculators were Joist Hite, Robert Mc Kay, Jonas Denton and John Denton.

In 1739, John Funk bought 500 acres of land at the mouth of Passage Creek from Thomas Chester, Orange Co., Deed Book "3", p. was among several German pioneers who obtained a land patent as soon as Fairfax opened an office in 1749.

He got seven grants for his children, south of Strasburg. In 1764 Christian Luther and Christina, her sister, Anna Maria and her husband John Marty and others joined with Ezekiel tradesmen that consisted of millers, carpenters, and coopers.

In From the Rhine to the Shenandoah, by Daniel Bly, it states: "His neighbors, John and Lawrence Marty, Christian were already connected with this group and Christian's young brothers and sisters were involved with them . The most important of these trades was Funks Mill, already in existence as early as 1743.

[Lease} Between William Tidwell of County of Frederick [to] William French of said County consideration of five Shillings one certain Tract of Land containing one hundred acres and the same that the said William Tidwell purchased of Jacob Funk Yielding and paying the Rent of one pepper corn on Lady Day next of County of Frederick [to] Peter French of the other part consideration of five Shillings Tract of Land situate lying and being on a branch of drain of Stony Creek containing two hundred acres the same being part of a greater Tract of four hundred and twenty five Acres of Land granted to Mary Denham by deed from under the hand and seal of the right Honorable Thomas Lord Fairfax the 13th Oct.The inventory of Jacobs estate included 100 acres (Tract J, Map 11), bonds, notes, debts, and receivables of about 434 pounds. There were mills of various kinds—including a powder mill that supplied Washingtons army during the Revolutionary War.

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