Error validating users agent execution

18-Mar-2019 06:57

When any of these resources reach full capacity, the system will normally be inaccessible to normal user activity. Directory Browsing: (Obsolete) See “Directory Indexing”. Directory Enumeration: (Obsolete) See “Predictable File Location”.

Directory Indexing: A feature common to most popular web servers, that exposes contents of a directory when no index page is present. Directory Traversal: A technique used to exploit web sites by accessing files and commands beyond the document root directory.

See also “Web Application”, “Application Server”, “Web Server”.

Configuration File Disclosure: (Obsolete) See “Predictable File Location”.

If the data written into a buffer exceeds its size, adjacent memory space will be corrupted and normally produce a fault.

An attacker may be able to utilize a buffer overflow situation to alter an application's process flow.

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See also, “Web Application Vulnerability Scanner.” CGI Security: (Obsolete) See “Web Application Security”.

Denial of Service: (Acronym – Do S) An attack technique that consumes all of a web site’s available resources with the intent of rendering legitimate use impossible.

Resources include CPU time, memory utilization, bandwidth, disk space, etc.

Typically cookies are used to keep track of a user’s state as they traverse a web site. Cookie Manipulation: Altering or modification of cookie values, on the client’s web browser, to exploit security issues within a web application.

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Attackers will normally manipulate cookie values to fraudulently authenticate themselves to a web site.The authenticating application may provide different services based on the location, access method, time of day, etc. Authorization: The determination of what resources a user, service or application has permission to access.