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Research Interests: Material characterization, Dynamic behavior of soils, Liquefaction and cyclic instability in soils, Strain localization using DIA technique and microfabric study using XRD, SEM, AFM.

Research Interests: Structural Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Thermal Analysis, Nonlinear Finite Element Methods, Generalized/Extended Finite Element Method, Computational Fracture Mechanics, Numerical Analysis and Methods, Hydraulic Fracturing, Serviceability life of Structures and Mechanical Components Research Interests: Computer architecture and systems, emerging non volatile memory technologies technologies, processing in/near memory, memory and storage system design for big-data workloads, workload characterization Research Interests: Pathways of contamination in Freshwater System, Build-up and Washoff of Micro & Emerging pollutants, Sources of the urban pollution and sustainability of urban water cycle under changing climate regime, Development of pollution assessment tools, remediation technique and management Research Interests: Carbon sequestration of coral reefs of Gujarat, Status of grasslands of Saurashtra and Central Gujarat, Potential area mapping for mangrove restoration in South Gujarat, Kachchh and Saurashtra.

Research Interests: Fluvial Sedimentology and stratigraphy for drainage reorganisation, and channel avulsion processes and fluvial fan evolution; Sediment geochemistry for sediment provenance (U-Pb dating detrital zircons), and palaeoclimatic and palaeovegetation reconstruction.

Research Interests: Spectral analysis of source, path and site effects; Regionalization of source and attenuation characteristics of strong ground motion; Ground Motion Prediction Equations (GMPEs) for seismic hazard analysis; Host-to-Target Adjustment (HTTA) of GMPEs.

Research Interests: Evolution of mobile genetic elements/ transposons: mechanisms of transposition and control, modifications of function in transposase homologs, Genomic and proteomic analysis of transposases and transposase homologs.

Research Interests: Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance in Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industries, Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) in research Laboratories, Global Quality regulations, US, UK, Europe, Japan and India, Global Quality and Regulatory compliance of Pharmaceutical and Medical Device industries Research Interests: Design, Control and Monitoring of Complex systems with Human-in-the-Loop; Design for enhancing situation awareness in humans; Modeling, Control and optimization of Wastewater Treatment systems Research Interests: Investigation of groove-modified nucleobases on Y-family DNA polymerase activity, Construction of metal nanowires based on biomolecular templates, Structure-function correlations of unorthodox DNA structures.

Research Interests: 20th Century Literature: Modernism and Postmodernism, Modern Theatre, European Avant Garde Fiction, Continental Philosophy and Psychoanalysis, Bengali Vernacular Literature and Transnationalism, Translation Theory, Modern Poetry, Affect Studies.

Research Interests: Virtual Reality based Human Computer Interaction used in affective computing, Eye Tracking and Physiology based modeling techniques, Human Robot Interaction used in cognitive studies.Research Interests: Seismic design and rehabilitation of reinforced concrete and masonry structures, Earthquake risk mitigation in developing countries, Development and applications of base isolation and seismic damper devices.Research Interests: Performance-based earthquake engineering, Passive structural control, Seismic isolation, Characterization of earthquake shaking, Seismic risk assessment, Concrete and masonry structures, Blast-resistant design Research Interests: Carbon sequestration of coral reefs of Gujarat, Status of grasslands of Saurashtra and Central Gujarat, Potential area mapping for mangrove restoration in South Gujarat, Kachchh and Saurashtra.Jones said that although he had been averse to naming the school after himself, his friends overcame his reluctance "with the argument that the school would be called by that name because of my connection with it, and to attempt to give it any other name would confuse the people." Bob Jones took no salary from the college and helped support the school with personal savings and income from his evangelistic campaigns. The Florida land boom had peaked in 1925, and a hurricane in September 1926 further reduced land values. Bob Jones College barely survived bankruptcy and its move to Cleveland, Tennessee in 1933.

In the same year, the college also ended participation in intercollegiate sports.Research Interests: Performance monitoring of closed-loop systems, Sensor placement for state estimation in dynamic systems, Design, modeling and optimization approaches in basic droplet based microfluidic devices.

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