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Take the fight to the enemy over land, air, or sea, and when you've finished all the missions developer Intelligent Systems has created, you can make your own with the map creator.When it launched, AW2 was a bit light for full price, but with the GBA long behind us this is the game to purchase if you have to choose between this and the original.Fire Emblem is harder that Advance Wars, especially since the game has perma-death, but it still deserves a place in your collection.If I had to pick one of the Super Mario Advance games - and I do because they'd take up three perfectly good spots - I'm going to go with the updated to Super Mario Bros. This was the last Super Mario Advance game, drawing from the Super Nintendo-era graphics found in Super Mario All-Stars and adding new voice acting by "It'sa me" himself, Charles Martinet.Imagine pouring your heart into it, handing it over to the publisher, and having them slap the name Ninja Five-O on the cover. Hudson Soft created this underrated gem for Game Boy Advance, placing players in the shoes of Joe Osugi in his fight against ninja terrorists.Everyone missed Ninja Five-O, partially because it had no marketing and partially because of a cover that said "cash grab".

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The Tactical Soul system can be grindy at times, but it was a ton of fun stealing abilities from the monsters in the castle.

Current Price: 0 Since no one bought it then, Ninja Five-O is a hard game to find now. Metroid Fusion was so good that we're still waiting patiently for a new 2D Metroid adventure.