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Technology has made it easier for people to communicate in a faster, efficient, and cost saving means through the introduction of the communication channels.

The world has turned out to be the centre for technology with different technologies emerging daily as the people continue to develop from time to time to cope with the growing technology....

When people print things off there is usually a line of fellow students waiting to do the same thing.

You finally make it up to the monitor and select your computer number and the documents you want to print off, plain and simple right.

The figure-1 shows the environment with the Li-Fi technology where light bulbs are used as communication medium. WORKING TECHNOLOGY Li-Fi is implemented using white LED light bulbs which used for illumination by applying a constant current....

[tags: technology, applcations, communication] - The explosion of technology innovations within recent years has created a multitude of new and exciting ways for companies to conduct business.

We now have technologies such as robotic manufacturing, electronic mail, online videoconferencing, and global networks to connect everyone and everything.

Small and medium businesses are now able to cross all traditional boundaries that limited them in the past.

[tags: telecommunications, internet, technology] - Evolving communications technology has changed the way business personnel communicate within an organization.The world has become much smaller as technologies grow and allow people to communicate with others anywhere in the world. And for a business to profit it has to provide something the public wants.Technology today is in high demand and people want more and they want it as fast as possible. Commercial communications are in extreme demand and these applications range from phones to instant messengers....Essay #1 Before the invention of the telegraph in 1844 by Samuel Morse and his colleagues, news and messages traveled at a much more laborious and protracted rate....

[tags: Technology ] - Introduction People in the present society have turned from the use of the old means of communication to the more advanced and technological ways of communicating.

[tags: Information Technology ] - Over the course of the next two essays, we will address the factors which made the advent of the telegraph in 1876 such a deciding influence on the future prospects of the technology industry as well as the growth of communication itself.

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