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I was very nervous but by the end, I had achieved what I never even knew I needed. He just knew I like soft and sensual and he was absolutely expert at it. I won't say what the best bits were because I'm hoping it was only for me. Well I waited years after I first found Dave's contact details details before eventually deciding it was time to go for it. After my session with Dave I regret not contacting him earlier. Dave made me feel welcome from the moment I arrived and we chatted like old friends. I'm so glad I mentioned my foot fetish on my first visit, as that's what Dave gives his focus to when we are in the hot tub: a totally indulgent foot rub - and his own feet in proximity to my face - as I sip my wine and we chat away like old friends. For my birthday I arranged for Dave and another masseur to pamper me together. 1st time I have been penetrated, and needless to say was very apprehensive due to the size!!! I was finger fucked and loved it and was so relaxed Dave slipped his cock into me and much to my shock there was no pain just a little discomfort for a minute and then the most incredible sexual lust I've ever felt.

He then took my on a tour to the most incredible levels of passion and pleasure! I spent a few days reflecting on my time with Dave. His massage table, with easy access to my erection, is uniquely different. First in the spa with them both looking after my every need, then a four handed massage, and then being on the sling with the two of them paying attention to me. And then he just holds onto you until you're ready to move. I haven't been to see Dave in ages but made an appointment for today. From the spa to the massage table to the sling and then the spa capsule. but Dave, with his caring attitude put me at ease from the start. Then onto the sling to be fucked liked I've never experienced. I work in the construction trade, so my work is very hard on the body. After reading the reviews about Dave for some time, recently I finally had the chance to meet him and experience his services for myself. I was pretty nervous, but Dave had me relaxed in no time as we got to know each other in the spa.

I hope to last much longer than I did the next time! I enjoyed being pampered by a nice masculine friendly bloke with so many options to try. Ronald I was a bit worried reading all these reviews because I am not into anal at all and Dave seems to do a lot of penetrating!

Thanks so much, Dave An experience you should give yourself is 90 mins in Dave's capable hands. I have never been penetrated and it is something I would like to have experienced but despite Dave's efforts I was too tight. Next time I will try the steam spa with eucalyptus for my sinus issues. I decided to call him to see if penetration was optional. He was very friendly and suggested that there were plenty of other things we could get up to besides anal!

I highly recommend Dave..definitely be back when I visit Sydney again!!! He bypassed all that and took me straight in for a sensual massage.

When one set of ten fingers stroked my soles, the other set spanked my arse.

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