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They gave me PTSD on purpose just so they could heal me later by legalizing marijuana. Won't you join me now as I provide you with the formula for world peace. In other words, the gods have advanced nanotechnology and I am under surveillance at the level of my neurons.

They fucked me up intentionally with the full intention to miraculously fix me later at various stages and junctures along the journey. I was raised to be a hunter with little respect for the lives of my targets. Then they gave me remorse and empathy and a love for the miracle of life in all its forms.

It has also been released for mobile platforms, and a simpler version for phones with Java.

was an immediate success, selling 1.4 million copies in its first week. The game received a score of 86/100 aggregator Metacritic.

The game has sold over ten million copies worldwide since its launch in 2009, becoming one of the best selling computer games of all time.

Threads: The Island By: Jammy Jimmy Author's note: This story contains incest.

I accept my hardwired role as a severely mentally ill drug addict. They made me kill small animals without remorse just so I'd fit the profile of a psychopath. Then I moved away and grew up and got a mind of my own.

My puppet masters have conditioned me to be brave and rebellious.

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There is also a version for Nintendo 3DS, published on March 27, 2011, as one of the launch titles.It also contains lots of other action, and I should warn you now -- it's not a short one-page jerkoff story.Threads is a series of stories with a number of characters that cross over between the tales. I believe they did this to me at some point in my early childhood in the 1970s. Maybe we're all the puppets of the gods and our life stories are their language of drama and allegory. If we encountered aliens who were even 100 years more advanced than humans, they might be superintelligent machines that are too small to see. But ultimately, the DNA is the blueprint for creating a living machine. There's no reason we cannot also be living, conscious, sentient machines that exist, perhaps in some kind of globally distributed way, yet on a scale that humans are not yet able to detect, which is the scale of the super small and invisible.

essay in 1994 on how to scan a brain with molecular precision. That may be totally bogus bullshit, but it is PART of the "SIMPLIFIED NARRATIVE" that HELPS me to NOT be afraid of much at all. We are atomic machines composed of organized molecules and cells.

So when you are looking around, with both eyes, and creating a stereoscopic 3D image of colored light, what if that image is actually a theater being directed toward an atomic nucleus by electrons that are part of that atom.

Although bromance is a new term, this treatment of celebrity relationships is not new: The composer Franz Schubert had a very close friendship with poet Franz von Schober, whose texts Schubert set to music.… continue reading »

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Tango Wire Takes Virtual Dating Mainstream - Press Release Oct vet dating alfa kvinnelig, PRESS RELEASE - May 17 - The success of their first Free Virtual Dating Day has prompted Tango Wirea community of online dating sites, to repeat the offer of free Virtual Dating on their network this Thursday, May 20th.… continue reading »

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However, this is the next best thing and the investment is so much less..… continue reading »

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Fixed issue with using shortcuts to change map statuses.… continue reading »

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We’ve specifically designed this sensor to detect infrared signals on the Rift and Touch controllers.… continue reading »

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We make that argument every day here when it comes to marriage – that it is not a static institution and that people need to take a more enlightened and expansive view of the parameters – but we must do the same when it comes to slapping the gay label on famous people of the past.… continue reading »

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“A lot of my married friends tell me it’s horrible being tied down, and that women will just divorce you and take half,” says Eric Borich, a 32-year-old portfolio manager at Oxford Property Group.… continue reading »

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