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27-Aug-2019 21:30

It's been awesome since I started coming here, about a year ago... so yeah its great fun to connect to different people your same age and location. I met a lot of awesome people here, and whenever I am bored, I know I can always come here to chit chat! Thanks Teen its a great way to meet new people, if it wasn't for teen chat i would of never meet the man i love today tj after six years ago meeting him on teen chat.

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I've been on teen chat for about 6 years, somewhat off, and on but I have never had any problems with it so far, that's why I enjoy myself on this site so much. "Haha Ok With all seriousness Teen chat Put me into a sleeping disorder because i love it so much.If you already use live chat on your site, there really is no reason to keep paying per agent!