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I submitted an application last night, and it was totally wrong.

I called back today, and spoke to your staff who took me step-by-step through the application.

"Now place your hand right here on my neck, I would like you to tell the class when you think I have had an orgasm." With that she starts sliding the dildo inside her pussy, while biting her lower lip. Her pulses speeds up even more and she starts breathing heavy. We all waited with nervous excitement for her to return. Cook returned leading a blinded folded boy by the hand. Cook barked at Tom suddenly dropping her bubbly tone.

I feel her pulse quicken, as she continues to move faster. Her huge tits heaving with her effort, the dildo in and out slick with her sex. " I shout caught up in the excitement of her orgasm. "Class this is Tom, he was my best student in the boys class last semester, he is going to help me with a demonstration. Tom stripped down showing a well toned boy and think 7" dick. Cook side her panties and skirt down but left her top on. I know it's short but wanted to see if people liked or not. Don’t worry about the anonymous commenter that refers to “cuck shit”.

I mean, the financial crisis has been a nightmare, and I'm still not recovering from that financially.

Every day I'm looking for a job..checking my blood pressure!

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This is scary -- I've been unemployed, I'm smart, I'm putting my student loan in deferment.

The other girls and I shared glances, clearly we were all excited. Cook walked in, again locking the door and drawing the blinds.

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I was a virgin, but masturbating was nothing new for me. Cooks body, her tits, the juice on her dildo, while I began to rub my own pussy.

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I closed my eyes pictured myself nude in front of the class. Cook working the her toy in and out of me instead of herself. The next day in class I sat in the front row eager to see what would happen today.

Let me begin by assuring all of you that this is a safe space. Cook says with such bubbly enthusiasm, it's hard not to instantly like her. "Ok today we are going to start by ensuring you all feel safe, and maybe braking some misconceptions." As Mrs. Her tits are huge at least a D cup which makes me feel insecure about my tiny A cups.

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