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I am a housewife living with my husband and my three years old daughter in a city of kerala.

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Ricky stepped back and pulled Christine to her feet. She immediately began unbuttoning her white blouse and Ricky struggled out of his jeans and shirt. “Fuck me good.” Aware that his bedroom curtains were open, Ricky stepped up behind Christine and gripped her hips. She didn’t come to his house late on a Friday night for coffee and biscuits, she came for sex. The purple curtains blocking his view into her room swayed, teasing him. He had a feeling she’d be out tonight, probably hoping for round two. Lowering his head but keeping his eyes on her, he pretended to wash dishes. He kissed her as she tugged his shirt down his arms and threw it on the floor. He took her right nipple in his mouth and nibbled on it gently. He moved to her left nipple and flicked it gently with his tongue as he pressed his hand against her crotch. He pressed his mouth against her pussy, pushing his tongue in deep.

When Christine stood before him naked, he roughly turned her around and pushed her onto his bed. He pictured Sarah watching him, gasping with desire. That's so deep.” He was filling her up, buried deep inside. Sarah moved her right hand over her thigh and began rubbing her pussy. He knew after a few drinks he’d find it harder to resist and break his one rule: never fuck the same one-night stand twice. Standing in his kitchen, deciding what, if anything, he could do, he glimpsed movement. Sarah cried out, gripping handfuls of his hair in her fists. He groaned, the sound muffled by the best pussy he’d ever tasted.

He mentioned that we were thinking in terms plain land travel but that was hill road traveling and he can take us to khajhier only next day evening.

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He let his head fall back again and pictured Sarah once again, sprawled on her bed naked. Ricky cries out loudly when he imagined the mouth sucking his cock so expertly was Sarah's. As was Ricky’s custom when he brought women like Christine home from the bar, he rushed her out of his house. She’d be bouncing of another bloke’s dick next weekend. He’d decided against going out this evening for fear of running into Christine again. Keeping his eyes on her as he stood rooted to the spot, he watched her lower her head. Just as Ricky was thinking it couldn’t get much better, Sarah beckoned to him. Ricky gaped at her, so stunned he stopped rubbing himself. Ricky rushed at her, kissing her and wrapping his arms around her. They were both gasping for air, their bodies aching for each other. With a gasp, Ricky sank to his knees in front of her. “I wanna fuck you right now.” He pulled Sarah to her feet and pushed her backwards onto the sofa.

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