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I'm from a small town and can still be charmed by them; this was a place that would have driven any rational person to suicide within a week.[quote]It's known for one thing and one thing only--Jesse James' House.

We drove around for 20 minutes and must have asked a dozen people for directions to it, and not one damned person knew what we were talking about. You just know they all said among themselves afterwards 'Hey who sent those two dykes looking for Jesse's house off on a wild goose in the wrong direction! ' They're stupid in the right direction are local yokels.r31, I had a great time at Slab City. All this thread is is just one more insecure uneducated 20something from somewhere in the north trying to compensate for his own small world or lack of top-rate education or legitimate world travel by beginning a thread to bash places in the south and midwest so he can continue to live in his grandiose vision that he is worldly as he day dreams between fixing double decaf latte's on his second barista shift at some Starbucks in Trenton or New Brunswick.r61 - then you must know that FW has a great downtown area and a lot of cultural events. I don't even think it qualifies as depressing much less a shithole.

If memory serves me correctly, it is the only of the "large" cities in Texas to vote Mc Cain/Palin.

Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and El Paso supported Obama.[R72] wins it.

plus Bloomington, Indiana and nearby artsy towns are nice and picturesque including a Big Ten University - Indiana University which has a lovely campus You are correct R71, Fort Worth has some truly lovely neighborhoods, and areas.

The problem with them is that they are (for the most part) populated by bigots, rednecks and (gasp) devotees of Fox News.

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Nothing in the world smells as bad as a paper mill.

It's in the middle of a god-forsaken desert where the temperature often exceeds 120 degrees during the summer. I stopped to see Old Shawneetown, Illinois, the one the flood people refuse to insure since there is no levee.

The country's most polluted river, the New River, runs through it, carrying untreated sewage from Mexicali, Mexico, to the Salton Sea. The first bank in Illinois is there, a place that gave money to establish Chicago.

Wouldn't necessarily want to live there, but the old timers took us in like family, protected us from even perceived harm, housed and fed us. Yes, it has a few dreary neighborhoods but what city doesn't? I've lived for weeks at a time in several different cities in Texas and they were all terrible.

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I've spent time in most of the big Midwestern cities. Not falling apart terrible, but hot and filled with loud, obnoxious assholes.Unfortunately, the crime is epidemic and the state of CT wrote off Hartford decades ago. Haven't seen Gary in a long time, but it was a complete shithole going way back.

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