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14-Jun-2019 11:52

The Outer Banks has a number of fairly high-resolution coastal DOT webcams -- a couple of their live images are shown below and you can get many more North Carolina coast webcams on my website.

You can see from the first shot, which is just south of the new new Bonner Bridge, that they built up huge sand dunes after Hurricane Jose, which cut right across the road, covering it in sand and temporarily closing it.

The size difference between Maria (which is really losing its tropical characteristics) and Hurricane Lee, far right in the image below, is astounding, but that's what happens to tropical systems when they convert to extratropical -- they get bigger and spread out their weaker winds over a larger area.

-- Freezing rain and ice slammed north Whatcom County Friday afternoon and evening, and emergency responders encouraged drivers to stay off the roads unless totally necessary.

So really Fox News or someone, I don't live in Seattle so no skin in the game, but why and how is Seattle paying for what some predator did before or even as mayor.

If my tax dollars were going towards this I'd sue the city.

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Just wait until you see what Key arena will end up costing, when you had the SODO project that was going to be 100% privately funded.

City of Seattle residents and business people, good luck. If he is found to be not guilty the tax payers money is not wasted.

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