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I really wanted one with two cameras so that I could have one on the cosleeper in our room (when Anneliese was tiny she slept in there for naps, and at night) and one on her bed in her room (after a couple of months, we had her taking occasional naps in her room, and later, she started the night in her room too). I read a LOT of reviews of a LOT of cameras, and ended up settling on the Safe Baby video monitor with 2 cameras (5, but no longer being made).I wanted the option of adding more cameras when we had more children with more rooms… Because it was digital, I hoped to avoid the static I had experienced in my babysitting job (and I did avoid that.(Skip ahead to the Short Version if you just want the nitty gritty) Here’s a shot of my baby after she went to bed tonight. After a few hours, she woke up, and I heard her cry out, so I opened the app and saw this: I decided to (for the first time ever) see if I could “remotely soothe” her using the microphone on my phone / speakers on the camera in her room. I suggested again, that she lie down and “go night-night.” After a few seconds, she did this: I could hear her take a deep breath, then yawn, and when I zoomed in closer, I could even see her blinks getting longer and sleepy, and then her eyes closed and she was asleep. And if so, maybe I saved you a little bit of legwork or trial and error when it comes to research and setup.I clicked the mic icon to toggle it on, and told her to find her sleepy sheep or her pacifier if she wanted them, and go back to sleep. Disembodied-Mama-Voice can be kind of disorienting I suppose. Let me know if you have any other questions you’d like addressed, and I’ll let you know if I know.

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There was speculation and a few negative comments here and there too. And because I found nothing, I felt pretty insecure about dropping 9 (!!! After a while they emailed me back and basically told me I had to buy one myself to do a review, or I could borrow one for like a week, then return it (I wanted to review it but not badly enough to do it for zero compensation, and if I liked it not even get a discount on the purchase for my effort…). I chose white because it would better blend in with Anneliese’s furniture and things, but I have read that the black version has even clearer night vision because there is no reflection of light (from the LEDs) off of the plastic of the camera itself.I knew a few new moms who had gotten it and RAVED about it, and I liked that the camera had remote panning ability so that more of the room would be visible (important since we use a floor bed with Anneliese, so she can crawl off of her bed and ideally go play with her toys when she wakes up).I’ve also grown accustomed to the touch screen of my i Phone and generally dislike buttons now.Other times, a sound-only monitor would’ve had me opening the door to check on him unnecessarily!

Sometimes it was a bit loud in there, but he was just lying in bed telling his stuffed animal a story. It’s just far too useful to be able to have that little bit of extra information.

It would be a really nice way of saying “Thank you for opening my eyes to the magical world that is IP Cameras as i Phone Video Baby Monitors, Emily.