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Shall I meet you in the bedroom, or do we just get it on right here? I soaked the sponge again, and scrubbed the window quickly, watching Vonnie the whole time. I knew she was still in the room, because I could see the door, but the angle of view was blocked in the direction she went. Still, I successfully shifted the ladder to the new position without incident. As I thought, the pink item that flew by was indeed her bra, and while I was busy with the ladder, she had also dropped her shorts. I made quick work of the window, not wanting to miss the show, which was in full swing.

First, let me handle some old business, from the first chapter... Well, the soap was readily available, so I took care of it, while savouring the days activities once more. I wondered what she would come up with for me then, but that was the future. I had a feeling the entire house would be spotless by the time Grandma and Grandpa returned, but I was willing to provide my muscle to assist her...

I'm so very naughty i have to be punished because of wetting and getting my pinafores and aprons dirty, oh.

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I thank that reader, and ask that you mentally correct it in the previous chapter, and thus Shavon becomes Shivon, but Vonnie remains unchanged. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It was a fun walk home.

Only two blocks, but I had to restrain myself from skipping like a little girl.

You were wired, so excited about your presents you couldn't scrape yourself off the ceiling and sleep? I wiped my ear print off the freshly cleaned glass, and headed for the ground again. From the previous window, I couldn't quite see that far between her legs, but from here I could clearly see the purple device.