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It doesn’t show up in linux or mac and in windows I get the error “The disk is drive F is not formatted. ” The first weird thing is that it’s shown as only 8MB. I have tried using Active Kill Disk to delete everything on the drive but that doesn’t seem to do anything. I can see the drive in Disk Management and also did change the drive letter but still not seen in My Computer.both my pendrives stopped working after i used them in one of my office pc. @deepu this is exactly what happened to my friend’s pen drive. a faulty port can apply over-voltage to the pen drive and the pen drive might have burned-out the internal circuit.My Computer does not show the removable disk drive ;therefore I cannot read my drive contents ; but my drive LED flashes .Also an icon appears on my system tray (this is the “Safely Remove hardware ” icon ). At my office where I work , my drive gets detected normally , and functions perfectly. I tried reinstalling Win XP SP2 and the motherboard drivers , but in vain .pls help how I can detect pen drive in my computer and get my data. Initially safely remove the hardware icon appears but disappears in a few seconds. This is detected by My Computer and I saved files from some other drive in this pen drive. When I insert the pen drive again, “My Computer” detct the pen drive but the files which I had saved in pen drive are not shown.


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also tried to delete regestry but not possible win xp proffessional sp2 p4 chipset 845 gl I have an 8 Gb transcend pen drive, when i connect it is detected and task bar shows harware ready to use, it is not showing yellow in device manager, But in Disk Management it is showng two drives Jetflash 8Gb in drive 1 and Jetflash 80 Gb in drive 2, and showing both of them as unidentifired drives, These two are seperate from My Hard Drives and no drive letter is shown on them also I am not able to assign any letter as no option is shown if I right click it. my pen drive is Kingston 8GB hi.i insert my amkette 4gp pen drive into computer it does not detect drive icon is shown in computer but when i click it, it shows please insert a drive. my kingston data traveler is get detected but does not show up. it is detecting but it showing “”please insert a disk into the drive R:””. plz hlp me and give me solution as soon as possible. I plugged in my USB pen yesturday and fod some reason my computer doesnt detect it? my pen drive is detected in d system as external usb device bt m not able 2 open it or see its content…it says insert a drive…its detecting a n external drive at d same time… but when i try to open it, a message comes “please insert the disk into the drive”. the light of the pendrive is not glowing, as well.please help me. At first it woked but now it is detecting bute says no drive in drive I Changed the letter or path in Computer managment but still this is not workingg Can anyone HElp me EXPERTSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!

I aslo made sure to check that the option to show the hidden files and folders, found in the ‘files and folder’ option is enabled…But if i try to scan it with ‘Avast5’, all files are getting scanned(names appears during scanning) and no virus is Found after scannig.

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