24-Apr-2019 11:37

I wonder if there are community sponsorships for this type of thing (ie. ) I hope that one day I can help pull people out of a dark period of their life but I dont think I can raise 0 by the due date and as far as I know they do not have a finance option.

Any opinions greatly appreciated I'm a volunteer at lifeline but not on the phones.

There is a high drop out rate from the course and from the telephone counselling work. Any profit they make goes toward supporting suicide prevention. Progressing through the course to the phones is by invitation. If you wish to progress as a volunteer you will be able to gain the entire Cert IV in telephone counselling with no further cost to you than the initial fee.

In other words you will do the first 10 weeks and only if considered suitable will you be invited to complete the last part and go on to the phones. If you have difficulty raising the cash I'd suggest talking with the coordinator as different centres may have various options available. Consider enrolling for a few modules of a larger program then drop out (or maybe continue on with it if it suits your future ambitions).

You hear some pretty harrowing stuff so you've got to be prepared for that.

0 to do the course is not unreasonable due to the severe lack of funding they (don't) receive. but you also have an opportunity to help people at a point in their lives that they may need it most. The training includes plenty of discussion / strategies for taking care of one's self while doing this kind of work. Volunteers experiencing repeat callers is not particularly common owing to the national nature of the service and the number of volunteers all over the country. I volunteered back when our centre answered local calls.

I was very disappointed, as it was something I have always wanted to do and I was willing to commit to the long-term.

It is a crisis hotline, so I believe it will be quite interesting and rewarding to be able to help people but I know that every time I want to do/try something, I always have rose coloured glasses on and am disillusioned eventually.