Funniest dating disasters

15-Jun-2019 21:37

A ruthless seducer with no interest in conventional family life, in one year alone, 1961, Freud had three children by as many different women.

By the time he died in 2011, at the age of 88, he had acknowledged 14 children — the oldest now 69 and the youngest 33.

She was shocked when she discovered the existence of her half-siblings and felt ‘anchorless’ over Freud’s betrayal — suffering a nervous breakdown.

Freud painted Annabel (four years Annie’s junior) both clothed and nude, as a child and later as an adult woman in 1988’s Annabel Sleeping, which shows her in a blue dressing gown.

She saw little of her father until she was about 11.

At 16, Bella left school and moved in with Rose Boyt, her half-sister, in London, and began sitting for her father.‘I sat nude for two paintings, which was strangely unembarrassing.

Alexander Boyt, known as Ali in the family was — according to his siblings — a wild teenager.Bernardine Coverley was 16 when she met Freud in a bar in Soho in 1959.The daughter of Irish Catholic parents who ran a pub in Brixton, she attended boarding school from the age of four.Her daughter May, 42, by her French-born first husband Jean-Loup Courret, lives in Suffolk.

Lucian was furious when Annie wouldn’t let May — his granddaughter — pose for him at the age of six.

One would expect the daughter of artist Lucian Freud — and great-granddaughter of the father of modern psychology Sigmund — to cut a Bohemian dash, and Bella Freud, 56, certainly doesn’t disappoint.