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16-Jul-2019 18:09

Take, for example, the story of Scott Kutcher and Amanda Segal.

They started dating in March when, during a Jay-Z concert at Madison Square Garden, Scott pulled out his i Phone, opened an app called Skout and scanned a list of near-by women.

Most of the apps rely on instant messaging as a way to break the ice before a real-world conversation takes place.

On these apps, users keep minimal profiles -- much less detailed than those you see on Facebook or My Space.

Simkhai said he created the app partly because he was having trouble finding men to hook up with and date. If somebody's 200 feet away from you, then go meet them, go say hi for five minutes.

Grindr has made meeting people faster and easier, he said. There's no need to have e-mails back and forth, SMS's back and forth," he said.

Apps like Skout, Grindr and Street Spark let people sort through lists of potential daters based on where they are located at any given moment.

All three services list the distance between the person using the app and other member users in feet.

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The idea also has found unique traction in the gay community.

The main bits of information users are given about each other are photos, which are featured prominently, and locations, which usually are listed in the number of feet between you and the person whose profile you're searching.

While some dating experts express alarm at the idea of people giving out their relative locations to strangers, the trend of GPS-enabled dating appears to be increasing in popularity among young twentysomethings.

That system of identifiers is still used in some cities.

There are some concerns about these new dating apps being used by predators who may have access to a person's general location. "This is really not more dangerous than, but even on you need to have common sense," he said. in an empty parking lot, maybe you turn down that offer." Amanda Segal, the Skout user from the Jay-Z concert, said it's easy enough to tell if someone using a dating app is a predator or a potential love interest.All of the location-based dating apps serve as "icebreakers" for conversations that might not happen otherwise, said Wiklund, Skout's founder.

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