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SILENT SPRING FEVER (“Silent Spring” & “spring fever”) DDT is dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (don’t forget now! DDT was used with great success to control disease-carrying insects during WWII, and when made available for use after the war it became by far the most popular pesticide.

And then Rachel Carson published her famous book “Silent Spring”, suggesting there was a link between DDT and diminishing populations of certain wildlife.

On Sundays, the “LA Times” chooses to publish Merl Reagle’s excellent crossword, and not their own “LA Times” Crossword. THUMB WAR AND PEACE (“thumb war” & “War and Peace”) 36A.

The “LA Times” puzzle is still sent out in syndication, and is also published in the “LA Times” online. Carson tale of well-behaved classroom clock watchers?

After the quartet disbanded in 1961, Ed Ames went on to have a successful solo singing career, and became a familiar television actor.

Ed played “Mingo”, the sidekick to the title character on “Daniel Boone” that ran in the sixties. Like Death Valley SERE Death Valley is a spectacular desert valley in California that is part of the Mojave Desert.

His treatment included electroshock therapy and administration of sedatives and psychoactive drugs. Upper-bod muscle DELT The deltoid muscle (“delt”) is actually a group of muscles, the ones that cover the shoulder and create the roundness under the skin.

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The “brothers” (actually three brothers and a cousin) started out as an act called the Amory Brothers.

The film version stars Audrey Hepburn as Natasha Rostova and Henry Fonda as Count Pierre Bezukhov. Robert De __ NIRO Robert De Niro is noted for his longtime and highly successful collaboration with the director Martin Scorsese.

The point here is, the first thing that pops into a man’s mind when he wants to approach a woman is, “Will she insult me?… continue reading »

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They went back to Jim’s apartment and both he and his friend were sexual with her.… continue reading »

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After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website.… continue reading »

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While watching others entertain is a lot of fun, broadcasting your own live show is much more gratifying.… continue reading »

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Sri Lankan batting once again promised a lot but delivered little, losing as many as seven wickets for 53 runs after they were cruising along at 185 for 3.… continue reading »

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Chloride is absorbed by your intestines when you digest food. Sometimes a test for chloride can be done on a sample of all your urine collected over a 24-hour period (called a 24-hour urine sample) to find out how much chloride is leaving your body in your urine.… continue reading »

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