Getting additional loans while consolidating friend for dating

18-Jul-2019 02:42

In 2018, is it still possible to get rid of your student loan debt by filing for bankruptcy? In fact, there’s never been a better time to attempt it, because it’s literally never been easier to wipe out your debt with a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceeding.There’s only one caveat: getting approval for a student loan bankruptcy discharge does require proving that your student loan debt is causing an “undue hardship” on your life, meaning that it’s making it difficult for you to afford basic necessities (like food, housing, medical care, etc.).

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If you can’t afford to pay off your private student loans because you blew all the money for them on personal possessions, luxury expenses, or comic books, then you won’t be able to get the debt discharged in bankruptcy when the court applies the Brunner test.But you have to be careful about who you hire, because most “experts” promising to help get your loans discharged are actually Student Loan Debt Forgiveness Scammers who will take your money, but won’t do anything to help reduce your debt!

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